Mat North unveils more quarantine centres

By Nokuthaba Dlamini

The ministry of Labour and Social Welfare has identified nine more schools in Matabeleland North province to be used as COVID-19 quarantine centres, as the numbers of returnees in the province has risen to 60.

The selected district boarding schools are Binga High School, Inyathi Orap Centre at Siganda and Inyathi High School, Lupane State University and Fatima High school, Hlangabeza High School in Nkayi, Tsholotsho High School and George Silundika High School in Umguza.

The Mosi Oa Tunya quarantine centre as from Wednesday had 24 males and 16 females from Botswana while five females and three males were deported from Zambia.

Namibia deported five males and four females, while Cameroon and South Africa deported three males respectively bringing the total number to sixty.

Among the occupants, five are minor children with the youngest being 11 months old. 

The school has a carrying capacity of 60 people hence a decision to prepare other quarantine centres at district level, according to the provincial Social Welfare officer Mcnon Chirinzepi.

“The Mosi Oa Tunya quarantine centre is fast approaching its capacity as it stand at 60 compared to the capacity of 100 people,”he said.

“It has been proposed that when it reaches its capacity, some people be moved tentatively to Fatima High School and as such there is need for 100 blankets, procurement of food as is being done at Mosi Oa Tunya. Further to that the other quarantine centres in the districts need to be supported so that they are ready to receive returnees and these need support in form of 50 blankets each giving a total of 300 blankets and procurement of for food rations for the other 6 centres in the province.”

Returnees are being screened upon arrival, and are tested after 21 days at the quarantine centre, according to Hwange District Medical Officer Doctor Fungai Musinami.

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