Mat North quarantine centres receive more returnees

By Nokuthaba Dlamini

Matabeleland North provincial quarantine centres received more returnees over the weekend after recording a decline in their intake in the past few weeks.

Encore Budget Hotel and Inyathi Training Centre received a total of 71 returnees from Namibia and Botswana.

The department of Social Development in the province reported that as of Monday afternoon, Encore Budget received further 14 returnees to bring the total number to 71.

“At the time of the report we had received 14 returnees being six male adults, two male accompanied children and 6 female adults,” the daily Covid-19 report read.

“They all came from Namibia through the Victoria Falls border. The capacity of the centre is 100 while the current enrolment of returnees is 27 being 14 male adults, 11 female adults, and two male children.”

Inyathi Training Centre, which has a capacity of 55 currently has an enrolment of 44 returnees being 40 males and 4 females.

The cumulative total of returnees that have been received at Encore Budget Hotel since its inception now stands at 330.

Of the total number, 175 are males and 126 being females including 15 migrants.

“Of the 15, four were males in transit to Namibia, two to Uganda, one to Somalia and five males and five females to DRC,” the report continued.

The cumulative number of returnees who have been received at Inyathi Training Centre since its inception is 205 returnees being 155 males and 50 females.

As of Monday, the Encore hotel discharged five returnees after obtaining their Covid-19 certificates.

Inyathi Training Centre did not have any discharges.

Phezulu Lodge, a quarantine centre for self-paying returnees has gone for weeks without hosting any returnees.

The capacity of the centre is 43 and the cost per person per day is US$85.

The cumulative total of returnees received since its inception is 38 being 20 males and 18 females.

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