Mangwe MP calls for economic empowerment of women

Mangwe Member of Parliament (MP) Hlalani Mguni has called for the incorporation of rural women into economic empowerment programmes saying their vulnerability has been aggravated by Covid-19.

Speaking in Parliament Tuesday, Mguni said her constituency was female dominated, with the majority of males living outside the country.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, Mangwe Constituency is dominated by women since the men and youths have migrated to South Africa and Botswana for greener pastures,” said Mguni. 

“It is my sincere hope that women are incorporated in building the economy hence eradicating the dependency syndrome.  When I say, women, I am not just mentioning the urban women but rural women as well affected by feminisation of poverty, because they also have a role to play in all this.”

She said women have for a long time been bearing the brunt of taking care of children, hence the need for them to be empowered. 

“Covid-19 has increased the vulnerability of most women who bear the brunt of fending for the families and households,” said the legislator.  

“I am aware of projects currently running such as distributing funds for women to manufacture soap, candles and bake bread amongst other activities.   Let us use those initiatives to cover all constituencies Mr. Speaker Sir.” 

Mguni said while the 2019/2020 cropping season was characterised by low rainfall, resulting in reduced area planted and poor germination, she hoped the 2020/2021 farming season would be better.  

“People are succumbing to the ravages of hunger due to those after effects and the current state of the economy,” she lamented.  

“Mangwe has 73.2% poverty prevalence and urgently needs assistance from the Grain Marketing Board and all the other organisations which can offer food relief to the people.”

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