Mangwe community fundraising for teachers’ accommodation

Vaka villagers in Mangwe, Matabeleland South, are seeking to raise a total of ZAR 63, 790 to go towards the building of decent accommodation for teachers at the local school, Vaka Primary School.

The school is situated 13km outside the border town of Plumtree along Mphoengs Road.

A number of communities in the province are now taking it upon themselves to develop their areas instead of waiting for the government at a time when the local economy is failing.

“As Vaka community, we wish to build three decent houses for our teachers,” reads a message on the community’s flier circulated online.

“The current houses are old and dilapidated and the rainy season is often a nightmare for our teachers as most of their belongings get soaked. We are crying for help in cash and kind.”

With the ZAR63, 790, the community seeks to purchase 100 bags of cement, 42 X IBR roofing sheets (size 4,6m), 9XND4F window frames, and 3 X NC2F window frames 3X NE2 window frames 12 X locksets, 45 X 115MM brick force rolls, and 60 X air bricks.

“We will be having a campaign tomorrow,” said programme organiser, Lethukuthula Ndlovu.

“Instead of walking and cycling, we will be using scotch carts.”

He said a convoy of 20 scotch carts will move from Vaka village to Plumtree town and back to the village, adding the event is set to begin at 7 am.

“We are encouraging the business community to say those who want to advertise in those scotch carts can do that as well,” said Ndlovu.

“The whole idea is to send the message to the world that we want to build accommodation for teachers. There is a serious problem with accommodation.

We are expecting about 20 scotch carts in the convoy.  We will have a police escort as well. So, basically, that’s the whole idea.”

Ndlovu said they were looking at building the three houses (with two rooms and a veranda each) by the end of the year.

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