Man battling for life at Mpilo after being ‘shot’

...several hospitalised in the aftermath of the shutdown

A 30-year-old man is fighting for his life at Mpilo Central Hospital after he was allegedly shot by anti–riot police Monday during the shutdown protests that took place in one of Bulawayo’s suburbs.

Promise Dube from Luveve, admitted at A2 Ward bed, suffered gunshot wounds on the left side of his abdomen that caused his intestines to pop out.

Hospital sources also said Dube was admitted along with 16 other people who were injured during the protests that sparked running battles with anti-riot police while military buses were seen disgorging soldiers to control determined protesters.

CITE visited Dube Thursday and found him ailing in pain on his hospital bed.

He also had a bandage wound around his head and was on a drip, while his hands still had grits of blood.

Dube was afraid to speak out much about his experience, choosing to say little about what occurred.

Upon seeing his situation, fear and pain, the news crew did not request for a picture of him.

Dube said he was walking in Luveve next to Choppies Supermarket around 11am when he was allegedly shot by anti-riot police who were there to stop protests.

“I was shot from the back yet I was not partaking in the protest,” he claimed.

He added that police details had come to Mpilo hospital to see him twice but refused to talk to them.

“I refused to talk tem and told them to ask their colleagues since they are the ones who shot him,” said the shutdown victim.

Due said he was yet to go to theatre for surgery in the evening and tend to his stomach wound.

Meanwhile, in Harare, reports said doctors had treated 23 people with gunshot wounds, while confirming that at least five people had succumbed to their injuries.

State Security Minister Owen Ncube said 200 people had been since the stay-away protests took place.


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