LSU students cry foul over funds

Lupane State University`s Student Representative Council (SRC) has accused the institution of paralysing its operations by holding on to funds they are supposed to be allocated.

Speaking to CITE, SRC member Vigil Gwaze said the authorities have not yet dispersed council funds for this semester and no tangible explanation has been issued by the university authorities.

“As SRC we are not functioning properly because we have not yet be given our funds by the university,” said Gwaze.

He claimed students had paid fees but the university authorities claim they have no money.

“Students paid fees but when we approach the university, they tell us our coffers are empty. How is that possible?” he asked.

Gwaze said this semester they have not yet conducted any event as the SRC because of lack of funds.

He added that students on campus no longer have a social life as there is no entertainment, which the SRC fund should cater for.

“Because of lack entertainment, most people are clubbing out of campus which is very dangerous. A lot of violence happens at these clubbing spots,” he said.

Gwaze highlighted that some young ladies at the university go as far as Victoria Falls for entertainment.

“Female students travel with older men in search of entertainment because they can’t get some on campus. This places their lives at risk,” said Gwaze.

Contacted for comment, LSU public relations officer Mr Zwelithini Dlamini said the institution is currently facing financial challenges to fund SRC programmes.

“Currently some of the activities have not been funded due to current price challenges in the country. Student Executive Council President was fully briefed about the institution’s financial problem. He is fully aware,” alluded Dlamini.

He said the other challenge was that most students do not pay full fees on time which results in SRC not getting its funds.

He said students should stop being emotional and understand the economic situation.

“Students tend to be emotional when they do not get what they want. They know our financial status hence they should learn to appreciate what we can provide,” he concluded.

The SRC is entitled to 10 percent of the fees paid by the students.

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