Leather sector poised for growth

Cabinet has approved the Zimbabwe Leather Sector Strategy (2021 – 2030) which seeks to increase overall competitiveness of the leather value chain  and enhance access to both local and export markets for the finished products. 

The development was announced during the 41st post cabinet briefing on Tuesday. 

“The strategy, which is a successor to the Leather Sector Strategy (2012-2017) seeks to increase the overall competitiveness of the leather value chain in Zimbabwe and enhance access to both local and export markets for the finished products,” the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr Sekai Nzenza, said. 

“The strategy will prioritise increased investments in industry, with emphasis on value addition and beneficiation of agricultural produce to promote export-led industrialisation as well as increase employment opportunities.” 

Minister Nzenza noted that the objectives of the strategy are to increase capacity utilisation of value-added products from 30% to 75% by the end of 2030. 

“The strategy seeks to enhance the application of sustainable production technologies by manufacturing companies from the current 10% to 60% by 2030, to increase the export of leather products from 10% of production to 40% and to lobby for the development and reform of 70% of the identified policies and legal frameworks for the transformation of the sector by 2030.”

Dr Nzenza noted that the strategies to be employed to achieve the set objectives include the capacitation of the livestock farmers, introduction of new technologies and promotion of product and market development by value chain players. 

“We will maximise on advocacy programmes on introduction of supportive policies. The strategy also seeks to promote the rural industrialisation drive and the devolution agenda since it will be implemented through devolved structures to reach and empower the local communities,” she said. 

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