Learners travel 45km to write exams

Bubi villagers raise funds to upgrade local school to exam centre

Sailor’s Hope villagers in ward 14, Bubi district are appealing for financial assistance to construct an administration block and a teachers’ cottage at Esiphikeni secondary school for the school to be granted an examination centre status.

At the moment the learners write their examinations almost 45km away from home at Somvubu secondary school at Inyathi centre.

In an interview with CITE, one of the villagers, Sihlangu Dlodlo said the school is producing fairly good results for a rural school.

“We have a secondary school in Ward 14, Bubi District. This secondary school caters to five or so villages and the learners walk for more than 10 km but this school has been producing very good results for a rural school for example last year they had about six learners who got Five A’s in Ordinary level,” said Dlodlo.

He said the challenge is that the school is under construction and there are few classrooms.

“What we find pressing as villagers is that the school is not an examination centre at the moment. For a school to qualify as an examination centre it must have an examination block which has a safe so that the examination scripts can be locked inside.”  

“The school must also have a teacher’s cottage within the premises and this particular secondary school does not have these facilities, as a result, the learners have to travel to write their examinations 40km away which is at Inyathi business centre. Parents have to budget and look for money to rent rooms for their children for the duration of the examination because they can’t commute on a daily basis,” said Dlodlo.

He said some parents are not able to rent for their children, leading them to drop out of school.

“Most importantly, most girls are being harassed by illegal miners at Inyathi. As villagers we think we must put together the resources we have and ask for help from those willing to assist us and we build an administration block at the school and the school will take it from there and apply to the ministry of education to qualify as an examination centre,” said Dlodlo.

Contacted for a comment, ward 14 Councilor Cookie Moyo said the requirement for the school to register as an examination centre is for it to have an administration block and teachers’ cottages.

“We are appealing for donations to construct an administration block and a teachers’ cottage at our only available school in the ward, Esiphikeni secondary school. During the examination period the children go to Inyathi centre which is between 40 and 45 km from where we are which makes it difficult for parents to secure accommodation for their children,” said Cllr Moyo.

“As the ward, we are appealing from the corporate world to help us construct the blocks so that the learners could write their examination at the school. We face many challenges during the examination period, some children come back pregnant as they will be away for a long time.”

She added that even the boys have also picked up certain bad behaviours such as smoking and drinking beer which then affects the pass rate.  

Meanwhile, for the sake of transparency, the villagers have partnered with Halsteds Brothers, which is a reputable hardware supplier.

Those willing to assist can use the following details:


1. Please deposit your kind donation directly to Halsteds Brothers’ bank account. Account details are given below.

2. Write: “Sailor’s Hope Village Acc” on your deposit narration. This helps Halsteds to allocate your donation to the correct account.

3. Send proof of payment to

4. Copy the proof of payment to

5. Ask your friends to kindly make a similar donation.


ACCOUNT NAME: Sailor’s Hope Village

Supplier: Halsteds Brothers



Acc Name: Halsteds Brothers (Pvt) Ltd

Acc No. 9140000888922

Bank: Stanbic

Branch: Southerton Harare

Code: 3115

Swift Code: SBICZWHX


USD Correspondent Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa


Acc No: 090861930


Acc Name: Halsteds Brothers (Pvt) Ltd

Acc No. 9140001751467

Bank: Stanbic

Branch: Southerton Harar

Code: 3120


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