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‘Kwese Iflix now one of the largest VOD platform in Zim’

What is KweseIFLIX?


Kwese iflix is a television streaming service jointly owned by the country’s largest telecommunications company, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and iflix. iflix is a subscription video on demand (VOD) service focused on emerging markets. The Kwese-iflix mobile App “will allow Econet Wireless mobile subscribers the choice to access a wide array of on-demand content, as well as live broadcast content.



May 2018.

What is the difference between kwese iflix and Netflix

The content and pricing is the main difference, with Kwese IFLIX price point of about US$4/month caters to the mass market, while Netflix, which is significantly more expensive


How do I download Kwese iflix?

You can download the App on either on Google Store or on AppStore. It’s free and you get 30 day trial …You win in every situation.



For Android:  For iOS: 

How many users have got active accounts?

users1,2 million active account holders.





How do I pay for kwese subscriptions and how much are they?

Subscription plans and prices

The Kwese-iflix app subscriptions plans for watching shows range from a daily pass to a 3-day pass to 7-day pass and a monthly subscription. Therefore, the subscription plans will attract different customers depending on what they can afford and how many days they want to tune in to their favorite programs. These are the prices;

Duration Cost
1 Day US$0.60
3 Days US$0.99
7 Days US$1.99
1 Month US$3.99

You can follow these simple steps

download  Download the app. Install the app on your phone.

        Sign up. It’s quick and easy

startwatching       Start watching free content instantly.

pass         Choose your pass to watch premium content. Pick one of the passes to access the best sports, music and TV shows.

Checkout our Infographic story: ALL ABOUT KWESE IFLIX

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