Knife-wielding cop causes stir at police station

A police officer attached to Mzilikazi police station in Bulawayo allegedly drew out a knife and threatened to stab his colleagues who had called him to the station to solve a domestic violence after his girlfriend filed a complaint against him.

Constable Tawanda Ngezi allegedly drew a knife and threatened police officers who were trying to cuff him. He went to remove his shoes, stripped off his t-shirt and took to his heels.

According to a police statement gleaned by CITE, Constable Ngezi got into an argument with his girlfriend Nyasha Museka after she received a phone call from her son who had gone to visit his father.

“On the November 11 at around 6PM, complainant received a phone call from her son who was at his father’s house. Ngezi got angry over the phone call and started accusing Museka of communicating with her ex-husband.

“Ngezi became violent and started to break Museka’s property in the room. He pushed Museka and she fell on the broken glasses on the floor, sustaining injuries on her left arm,” read the statement.

The statement further reads that Museka managed to escape from the house and went to Mzilikazi police station where she reported the matter.

“Assistant Inspector Chisiri called Ngezi and tried to counsel the couple. Ngezi would not budge on the issue so Museka was told to make an official report for domestic violence. Ngezi became violent and drew a blade silver knife from his waist. Several officers tried to hold him off but he managed to keep them at a distance by yielding his knife.

“He removed his shoes and t-shirt and fled from the station. Another officer who was manning the gate tried to prevent him from escaping but he was overpowered.”



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