Khuxxman shows versatility in Banolila remix

The 1980 smash hit Banolila by the late Solomon Skuza has been repackaged to cater for the younger generation of music lovers.

At the heart of this project is the versatile award-winning musician Khulekani Bethule known more by his stage name Khuxxman.

The song was produced at Asakhe Music as an honour to one of the country`s music luminaries.

Khuxxman is on a mission to bring to life most traditional hit songs by infusing them with an urban feel and tempo to cater to various music states.

Banolila, a popular Kalanga song, sold over 70 000 copies, cementing its place as one of the country`s most celebrated songs.

In an interview with CITE, Khuxxman said he decided to give the song a new lease of life.
“I have been remixing cultural and commercial hit songs over the years and Banolila is one of the songs,” said Khuxxman.

“Banolila is a Kalanga traditional song and since l have been covering legendary songs, it made it easier for me to also work on this one as a house song considering that people already enjoyed dancing to it in Rhumba.”

He said he enjoyed working on the song as it gave him an opportunity to infuse different sounds.

“If you listen to this song you will realise there is a mixture of Rhumba, Sungura and House, this brings a new angle and sound in Bulawayo,” said Khuxxman.

“Most of the times Bulawayo artists are condemned for not having their own original sound, so its a task to every Bulawayo musician to bring something new just like what we have done with the Banolila song”.

As a versatile musician, Khuxxman says he chose to remix Banolila due to his diverse family background.

“My family is made up of tribes including my granny who is Kalanga. l can produce music of different languages and still be able to relate to it,” he said.

“This is why I can remix songs in different languages and be able to draw attention to a diverse audience.”

The musician said due to the positive feedback he has been receiving on the song, he hopes to make an album in future which has remixed songs of legendary artists like Majaivana, Ndux Malax and  Albert Nyathi, among others.

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