KFC shuts down Zim outlets

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Africa franchise has temporarily closed their restaurants in Zimbabwe due to the ongoing economic upheavals.

The food outlets which operates six outlets in the country it was temporarily shutting down due to “currency challenges”.

“KFC Africa has taken the decision to temporarily close our restaurants in Zimbabwe as we are unable to continue to trade due to the current pressure on the country’s economy,” it said.

“The currency challenges have affected our operations and supply and we are exploring various ways to reopen our restaurants soon.”

A number of companies have stopped operations in the past few days owing foreign currency shortages.

KFC said they remain committed to servicing the Zimbabwean market and there are plans in the future to expand.

“KFC is a loved and trusted brand in Zimbabwe and we generate new employment opportunities as we grow and with every new restaurant opening.

“Our supply chain is heavily dependent on local suppliers and we are passionate about ensuring that these and all other partnerships are sustainable,” the company said.

KFC which had closed its operations in Zimbabwe during the economic challenges in 2007, reopened in 2014 in Harare.

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