It will be a big mistake to vote for Zanu PF: Nkomo

By Promise Dube in Tsholotsho

ZAPU leader, Sibangilizwe Nkomo, has criticised how Africa is divided, allowing imperial interests to divide the continent while misgovernance and abuse of human rights by post-independent governments continue to increase in many African countries.

Nkomo said this while addressing a rally on May 25, Africa Day on Thursday at Simanje Business Centre in Tsholotsho, where he reminisced on the revolutionary spirit of liberation movements such as ZPRA that had a dream of empowering people and promoting unity.

“Today is Africa Day and we must celebrate African unity. Firstly it was a day of celebration and formation of African unity but the whole of Africa is not united. Politicians and journalists are arrested by their governments. As we speak there are about 10 wars in Africa such as the DRC, Sudan and Mozambique. All this conflict is done by people who want us to stay divided,” said Nkomo.

The ZAPU leader also spoke about how Africa lacks principled leaders such as the late party leader, Dumiso Dabengwa who died on May 23, 2019.

“We still have a long way for Africa to be united but we at ZAPU, say ‘charity begins at home’ depsite having suffered and continue to suffer under the leadership of people who do not know how to lead,” he said, indicating that for ZAPU to gain power, people must vote.

“Give ZAPU a chance to fix this country and for the upcoming generation. Promise me that you will remove Zanu in power because they do not know how to run the country.”

Nkomo accused Zanu PF of looting resources, leading by patronage and destroying Zimbabwe.

“People’s resources have been looted. Zanu has taken natural resources, including animals and cut down trees. Communities have nothing in return, there is no furniture in schools and students use bricks as chairs,” he said.

“But as ZAPU, we promote devolution of power that Zanu does not want. Devolution means political power should be brought to people so that they have a say in their property. For example, there must be Parliament here in Tsholotsho, where you will discuss issues that happen and affect Tsholotsho.”

The ZAPU leader said to show how rampant looting was within the Zanu PF government, a documentary was aired exposing how gold smuggling was rife.

“Zanu PF members are thieves who are involved in gold smuggling but those who have been involved are not in jail because they were not found guilty,” Nkomo said and appealed to people to trust in ZAPU.

“ZAPU must finish the unfinished job that was left by our forefathers. People must vote for us, we who are brave and will be able to speak in Parliament without fear.”

In his last words,  Nkomo said leaders must be principled and ethical, not chase after money.

“It will be a big mistake if people give Zanu PF another five more years in power because they will be burying the country,” said the ZAPU leader.

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