Inzalo kaGodlwayo partners government to rehabilitate roads

By Promise Dube

Inzalo kaGodlwayo community group in Insiza has purchased 400 litres of diesel that will be used in the grading of Mbaulo to Maxolweni road, as part of its road rehabilitatiom programme.

The group embarked on a self funded road rehabilitation project in April this year and have been working with relevant stakeholders such as Insiza Rural District Council (RDC) and government departments.

Project Secretary, Mthandazo Dube, told CITE that their work was progressing well and that the group members had recently bought 400 litres of diesel.

“The diesel was bought in South Africa and was transported from Johannesburg to Filabusi by our treasurer, Zibusiso Majankwe, who is a businessman. The 400 litres of diesel will be used to grade part of Mbaulo-Maxolweni road,” Dube said.

According to Dube, the infrastructural work by the Godlwayo community was moving at commendable speed due to involving and working with relevant authorities.

“This is a continuation of the smart partnership between the Godlwayo Community ,Insiza RDC and the government to maintain our roads. We, as the Godlwayo Community, decided to work together and liaise with the relevant authorities in order to develop our community,” said the project secretary.

“Once grading the Mbaulo to Maxolweni road is completed. Work to grade the Matshayinyoni to Mbembesi road will also start, that is if there is enough fuel.”

Chairperson of Inzalo kaGodlwayo, Bishop Mkhulli Msindo Ncube, concurred that infrastructural work needed public and private partnerships so that projects can move faster.

“As Inzalo kaGodlwayo we are grateful to work with all the relevant government departments and the reception we receive has been commendable and we attribute that to the partnerships that we have entered in with the government. There is so much we can do and we hope that we as a community do our part in enabling development,” Ncube said.

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