Insiza by-election: CCC, Zanu PF step up campaigns

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and the ruling ZANU-PF party’s candidates in the Insiza Rural District Council (RDC) Ward 4 by-election slated for next month have appealed for votes promising to change people’s lives once elected into public office.

CCC will be represented by Augustine Gumede while Daniel Dube will stand for ZANU-PF in the October 22 by-election triggered by the death of Lawrence Maphosa who belonged to the ruling party.

Ward 4 covers Ekusileni Mission, Bhode, parts of Sidzibe, Mletsha, Lubuze, Zilwane, Vumangwe Mbondo and Sizalobuhle.

Speaking to CITE in Filabusi recently, both candidates expressed optimism in winning the mini poll.

“The underdevelopment of my area made me stand to represent CCC in Ward 4,” Gumede told CITE.

“I promise Ward 4 residents that whatever they would have sent me to do, I will do it. As for whatever I would have planned to do, I will sit down with them and consult and move forward with development.”

He said he would take advantage of ZANU-PF’s failures to convince the electorate to give CCC a chance.

“It is said that the real footballer is the one on the terraces,” he said.

“I have seen a number of weaker points as I have been watching. I, therefore, want to fix what I have been watching go wrong. We cannot speak of any meaningful development without water. First and foremost, I want Ward 4 residents to have enough water.”

He added: “Secondly Ward 4 should have roads and not these streams as if they are meant for boats. Schools and clinics have to be built in Ward 4. My victory is obvious. I am very confident and certain of romping to victory. Ward 4 is mine.”

ZANU-PF’s Dube on the other hand urged the electorate to stick to the ruling party on the by-election day.

“Don’t abandon ZANU-PF; ZANU-PF takes care of everyone,” Dube urged the electorate.

“My chances of winning are very high because we are a party that is looking after people very well; we are a party that cares for everyone.” 

He promised to foster peace and development in the ward upon winning the by-election.

“Once I win, I promise peace to Ward 4 residents and a number of developmental projects that we have all along been pursuing,” said Dube.

“The clinic and the community hall which are under construction are nearing completion in Bhode. There is also a secondary school in Mletsha which also has to be completed.”

“We will then get into government buildings. We don’t have a veterinary office at Mbondo Business Centre; we also do not have a police base at Mbondo Business Centre. These two are very important in my area.”

Asked what pushed him to represent ZANU-PF in the by-election, Dube had this to say: “My own conscience pushed me to stand for ZANU-PF in this by-election. Politically I was born in this political party (ZANU-PF) and grew up in this political party so to just let things fall apart is unnecessary.”

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