I am in pain: Byo man shot by police speaks out

A Bulawayo man who was allegedly shot by a police officer in June has spoken out for the first time five months after the incident, that has left him in serious pain.

Emmanuel Mavunge, 49, was shot in early hours of June 28, while coming from collecting firewood at Chesa Forest on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

He was allegedly shot Constable Enerst Dzinzi of the ZRP Mounted Unit who was on patrol duty.

According to a doctor’s report, Mavunge might suffer permanent disability with lung fibrosis, a condition that occurs when lungs tissue become damaged and scarred.

The thickened, stiff tissue makes it more difficult for the lungs to work properly. As pulmonary fibrosis worsens you become progressively short of breath.

When CITE visited Mavunge at his home on Monday, he recounted the events of that fateful day when he was shot leaving him with high chances of permanent disability.

“We were coming from Chesa Forest, when we passed a Toyota Hilux going the opposite direction.The driver flushed his headlights and I dipped mine,” said Mavunge.

“We passed each other and after about one and a half kilometers, the car made an about turn and followed us. I then pulled off road trying to open the space for the driver to pass. While I was still looking at my right side to see if the car would pass, the driver suddenly hit the emergency brakes and a gunshot was fired and it hit me at the back.  

Mavunge adds: “The police officer who shot me came out of the car and ordered me to come out but I couldn’t, so I told him i had been shot, my in-law the one I was with, Benson Mbaiwa, is the one who assisted me

“They then put me at the back of their pick up truck and took me to Bulawayo City Council water works were they said they will request for an ambulance for me, the ambulance came 30 minutes later and I was ferried to Mpilo Hospital.

Mavunge said he stayed at the hospital for six days before he was discharged. He, however, continues to seek medical treatment at the local clinic.

His wife is the one who later discovered that the bullet was still inside his body after he was discharged from hospital.

Mavunge said he now suffers pain every time he try to lift heavy things

“At the moment my body hurts at times because there were so many areas that were hit by the bullet and are still painful especially on my ribs. The wound was deep,” he adds.

His case is now before the courts.

“My case is at the courts at the moment and it took four months for it to be appear there and I wish it went there earlier so that they could see the impact of the damage the gun shot caused because I can’t express with my mouth how badly injured I am,” said Mavunge.

“I feel like my case is not given enough priority because the investigating officer is not doing much, I do not even have a lawyer while the police officer who shot me has a lawyer,” said Mavunge.

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