Hwange community health workers receive 50 bicycles to help in fight against Covid-19

By Nokuthaba Dlamini

Greenline Africa, in partnership with World Bicycle Relief organisation, has distributed 50 bicycles to Hwange West district village health care workers as a way to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Greenline Africa representative, Charleen Herwatt told CITE that the donation made last week is meant to help rural communities get the much needed information about coronavirus.

Beneficiaries were drawn from Matetsi, Jambezi and Chikandakubi villages under Chief Shana.

“We distributed 50 bicycles to help mobilise communities in the Hwange district going to mainly Village Health Workers, the Headmen and some to make sure that during Covid-19, there are Tippy Taps at the pump stations for people to wash their hands,”Herwatt said.

She added that the organisation is currently conducting practical and tutorial lessons to those who are unable to ride bicycles most of them being women.

Their effort is to bridge a gap of walking long distances to seek medical assistance and educational trainings in Jambezi.

“Some of these village health care workers used to walk about 30 kilometres to get to the clinic in Jambezi and back home, so these bicycles are going to be of huge help. Their job will continue to making sure that hands are washed, and providing the community with care and education.”

The organisation, according to Herwatt is also spearheading for the establishment of mobile clinics to be used during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The clinics are doing some amazing work and although there is little medication they are doing their best and it is just incredible despite everything what they are able to achieve…What would be great for the area is a mobile clinic and this is what our organisation is trying to work towards.”

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