House fire victims appeal for donations

A Bulawayo family is appealing for donations after their cottage caught fire, burning all their property and leaving them homeless.

The fire occurred on Monday and the family of five have been surviving on the mercy of well wishes from Northend Suburb.

Buhle Mzapi and her four children were staying at a one room cottage.

Mzapi’s cousin, Nolene Moyo, narrated the family’s ordeal to CITE.

“Mzapi had gone to the shops leaving her two youngest children, a four year old and a six year old in the room,” said Moyo.

“The two children were playing inside the house and we suspect they managed to grab a matchbox, which probably their mother had not noticed that it was within reach.”

“Afterwards, one of the children managed to lit a matchstick onto a roll of tissue. The tissue lit and the children realising they could not turn out the flame, threw away the tissue and left the room.”

Moyo said they suspect the tissue must have landed on a leather sofa which caught fire and spread needlessly around the room.

“The family lost the four year old’s birth certificate and Mzapi lost her ID in the fire along with the property she had,” said Moyo.

“The four year old is supposed to be starting school next year but since the birth certificate was lost in the fire, it has become a setback.”

Moyo pleaded to the community to help the family as they have nothing except what they have been offered by other family members.

“Mzapi is now living in the main house, and receiving assistance from family members but it is not enough because she is unemployed and has to take care of four children,” said Moyo.

“We are asking if anyone could assist her with blankets, pots, clothes or money, anything that can help her at this moment.”

Well wishers can contact Nolene Moyo on: +263773585853 to assist the family

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