High-speed police chase: Family vows to seek justice

The family of a 34-year-old Bulawayo man who was shot by police on Saturday night during a high-speed chase in Hillside suburb has vowed to exhaust all the means at their disposal in seeking justice for their deceased loved one.

Paul Munakopa, who later succumbed to gunshot injuries on Sunday morning at the United Bulawayo Hospital where he had been admitted has been laid to rest at Athlone Cemetery.

His family, at an emotionally charged send-off service held at their home in Matsheumhlope suburb, vowed to exhaust all constitutional and legal means to ensure justice is served.

Anderson Munakopa, who was representing Paul’s father, said the family would leave no stone unturned in seeking justice.

“Our son died in a very painful way,” he said.

“If death is surely from God, I want to understand why such befell our son. Such brutality is no way to die. We are going to exhaust all constitutional and legal resources to attain justice. If these are not enough, we will engage spiritual avenues,”

Anderson Munakopa

Erica Munakopa, mother to the late, in between sobs had no kind words for the police officers who shot her son.

“Did this lockdown bring war and curfew? she queried.

“Well done, to the policeman who shot Paul. I don’t know your name but you will come and introduce yourself,” she said.

On the way to the cemetery, Munakopa’s family passed through Hillside Police Station where the officers who shot him are allegedly stationed.

Tracey Mufudzi, Munakopa’s fiancé, who was in his company when the shooting occurred, sobbed uncontrollably as she relived the last moments she shared with him.

“Paul was the most loving person I ever met in my life, who took care of me and my family,” she sobbed.

“We had so many plans for our future.”

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