‘High’ school pupils skip classes to abuse drugs

Some pupils at Masotsha High School in Bulawayo are reportedly absconding from classes and spend the day locked up in drug houses abusing illegal drugs and alcohol.

The school`s deputy headmaster, Mzingaye Mathwasa said the unruly behaviour was a major concern for the authorities and parents.

Mathwasa said most of these pupils were coming from child headed families.

The school official made these remarks during a tour of the school by Magwegwe Member of Parliament, Anele Ndebele, on Tuesday.

Mathwasa said he was concerned because these rowdy learners were now influencing others to abscond lessons.

“Such conduct by leaners negatively impacts on the school. Investigations we have done have shown that these learners buy alcohol and drugs which they abuse then they resurface at knock off time and join the rest of the learners who would be on their way home, pretending like they were in school,” said Mathwasa.

“Schools serve as second homes for these learners and as such we have the mandate to protect them. It is our wish to interface with relatives of these children who live on their own to try and curb their rowdy behavior. At least if these parents who work outside the country would find elderly people to look after their children while they are away.”

A parent who was in attendance expressed a similar concern saying they have reported the matter to the police.

“We identified a certain house where these leaners frequently buy drugs and alcohol. However, the woman was given a fine sentence. The police said they are trying to look for the source where this lady gets her drugs because the last time they arrested her she had little quantity on her that is why she got a lighter sentence,” said the parent.

The city of Bulawayo has over the past months been seized with cases of young people abusing alcohol, drugs and indulging in sexual activities in what are regarded as Vuzu parties.

In May police arrested 131 youths after they intercepted some of the youths who were attending a vuzu party and some of them were sentenced to perform 105 hours of community service each.

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