High Court must punish Charumbira for continued Zanu PF support: Ndiweni

UNITED Kingdom-based former Ntabazinduna Chief, Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni has asked the High Court of Zimbabwe to slap Chief Fortune Charumbira for his continued open support of Zanu PF.

Charumbira who is the National Chiefs’ Council was Friday quoted as saying “We own ZANU-PF” while addressing the ruling party’s attendants in their just ended annual national congress.

Section 281 (2) of the Constitution forbids traditional leaders from being members of any political party or in any way participating in partisan politics, acting in a partisan manner, furthering the interests of any political party or cause or violating the fundamental rights and freedoms of any person.

Responding to that statement, the former Ntabazinduna chief said the Chiefs’ president disrespected the High Court’s order as he was asked to withdraw a similar statement which he had issued in 2017 when he urged chiefs to rally behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa ahead of the then upcoming 2018 general elections.

“The President of the National Chiefs Council has already been ordered by the High Court not to get involved in partisan politics. The High Court ordered him to withdraw his previous statements, with respect to openly supporting ZANU PF and enunciating it to that effect.

It is not clear whether he actually did publicly withdraw those statements to this day. He has once again made those statements in public and in this case, Charumbira must be taken back to the courts for contempt of court.

He repeated the same offence in the public domain and on this occasion, the court must be asked to effect a custodial sentence upon him as a restraining measure,” Ndiweni said.

Ndiweni said Charumbira’s statements are making it difficult for people under Chief Charumbira’s territory to approach him for help especially those who support the opposition.

“A chief cannot be partisan because in his jurisdiction all political parties will be represented amongst other people. How can a member of the MDC, or ZAPU or Mthwakazi Republic Party under Chief Charumbira’s area approach him for help when he has made it public knowledge that he is a hardcore ZANU-PF supporter. The said individuals who don’t support the ruling party in Chief Charumbira’s area do not have a proper chief because they can’t approach them with confidence,” said Ndiweni.

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