Heavy storm blows off roofs at Matobo schools

A heavy storm that pounded on Matobo District yesterday afternoon left a trail of destruction after blowing-off roofs of classroom blocks at Mahetshe Primary and Secondary schools as well as nearby homesteads.

Matobo Rural District Council (RDC) chief executive officer, Elvis Sibanda, confirmed the sad development but was quick to point out that there were no injuries recorded.

“It happened yesterday (Tuesday) and that was around lunch time and fortunately learners had already been dismissed,” Sibanda told CITE.

“There were no injuries. Before I left for Bulawayo I had sent my officers to go and assess the damage. It is both the primary and a secondary school. I do not have any information with regards to people’s homes.”

He said once an assessment of the damage has been made, the local authority will chip in to assist the community.

“Definitely as a responsible authority we will try to assist them,” he said.

“We will first establish the value of the damage and thereafter, we will try to attend to it. I will get to the specific details as to the number of the classroom blocks later in the day because I have assigned my officers to go and make an assessment.”

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