Health minister cracks whip as health sector crumbles

In an effort to improve efficiency in the Health sector the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) is moving towards introducing a performance management system.

The health minister Dr Obadiah Moyo said this while addressing doctors at an emergency meeting at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals yesterday.

This comes after senior doctors at the referral hospitals downed tools due to poor working conditions.

“In order to improve performance, efficiency, accountability and effectiveness in all the health institutions in Zimbabwe I have told the chairman of the Health services board chairman Paulinus Sikosana that we need performance appraisals done very soon,” said Dr Moyo

“We don’t want people to relax and sleep on the job because we have to perform.”

“We should have a responsive authorities but if I feel that we have to change the management I will not waste time.”

The minister blamed the management for failing to perform their duties; a situation he said has led to the problems faced by the doctors.

“I’m not supposed to be micromanaging because we are supposed to have managers and administrators who are capable but I find myself being frustrated sometimes and have to end up doing management work because of the lack of response”.

Dr Moyo said that despite foreign currency shortages there are ways that can be utilized to speed up issues.

“I want a health care team that is well supported to look after patients which is why I have asked my management where is the forum I have asked.”

“We need to act immediately on immediate problems which is why I am going to call the CEOs and administrators from all the hospitals to instill on them the need for urgency”.

Minister Moyo said the problem at Parirenyatwa hospital is that end users are not being consulted which is waste of resources.

“I am giving the instruction to all the administrators in the country that they have to consult because we don’t have resources and we don’t want the wrong things to be purchased.”

Meanwhile, the minister told the doctors that government has secured US$1 million for the procurement of essential medicines and equipment needed in public hospitals.

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