Gwanda councillors fume over shoddy job on road repairs

Gwanda councillors have blamed the poor state of roads in their district on poor workmanship by contractors hired to rehabilitate the road network.

The councillors expressed their concerns during a Gwanda Rural District Council (GRDC) full council meeting held last week.

Debating the report of the subcommittee on infrastructure, ward 4 Councillor Lobukhosi Malila said some contractors being hired in the district are not doing a good job.

“There is a road from Stanmore to Filabusi, that road has now dilapidated before its completion, the contractor who was there did not finish the project. The contractor also employed youths from the community who worked but they were never paid,” said Clr Malila.

“The contractor promised them money but up to date they haven’t been paid and they have tried approaching the Ministry of Roads but they are not getting any help.”

Ward 23 Councillor Mthokozisi Tshuma said some roads in his ward have been neglected for a long time and trees are now encroaching on the road and putting motorists at risk.

“There is a dangerous section in the road going to Makhado, trees are now encroaching on the road. Last week I hit a pig there as it was hiding under those trees. Those trees are now dangerous as the road is no longer clear, that road is now a danger,” said Tshuma.

In addition, another councillor said poor road infrastructure was the cause of most road accidents.

“In Malele, there are also delapidated bridges which are now causing road accidents, the information we are getting is that those bridges were constructed as temporary bridges before we were even born, I am not sure how we can be assisted.”

Meanwhile, Ward 24 Councillor,  Bonang Mokoena said, “We spoke about the road and bridge linking Ward 24 and they said they will have a meeting with the Ministry of transport, it’s now been years and we no longer have transport.”

Ward 2 Councillor, Zwelibanzi  Mpofu also concurred that contractors were doing a shoddy job.

“My concern is on roads which include among others Dadata, these roads were graded last year but we complained about the poor service done there, as it is, the road is full of potholes. We are appealing for the road to be re-graded as it is not in good condition,” said Clr Mpofu.

In response to some issues raised, a government official who attended the meeting said, “ We tried grading the Nyandeni road but it now needs motorized graders, which is currently not in the district at the moment, we only have two motorized graders for the whole province, so they are currently not around,” she said. 

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