Gwanda author publishes second fictional novel on domestic violence  

A Gwanda-based author, Christopher Tsepang Ncube, has just released his second fictional book, Ngangingazi (I Never Knew), which explores issues of domestic abuse in families and the effects violence has on communities. 

The book was released just in time for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, an annual campaign that runs from November 25 to December 10 to raise awareness about domestic violence, challenge discriminatory attitudes, and advocate for better laws and services to put an end to the violence. 

Ncube has high expectations for his second book as his first novel, Phakathi Kwelitshe Lembokodo, as part of the curriculum in high schools. 

Speaking at the launch of his book at the Bulawayo Media Centre on Sunday, Ncube said ‘Ngangingazi’ brings up a number of issues that families deal with as they experience domestic violence and tries to show the impact of such imbalances of power where violence or abuse is used to control others. 

“The novel highlights the importance of family members applying their perspicacity in dealing with problematic issues that they encounter,” said the author. 

“Furthermore, the book touches on nefarious acts that are committed by people who are trusted by the community. Such criminals use hocus-pocus methods to cheat people.” 

Ncube, who began writing books when he was a teenager, claimed that he uses vernacular isiNdebele language to conserve culture and advance the local tongue. 

“Writing has always been one of those things that I liked while I was a young boy. I feel challenged to write novels mainly to preserve our local languages. There are of course a lot of challenges that we encounter as authors but that will not stop us from writing,” he said but expressed concern on piracy as one of the major challenges affecting authors. 

“As authors, we are losing a lot of revenue through piracy. The government should do something to protect our work. I would also like to encourage our kids in our communities to write books,” Ncube added. 

Ncube was able to publish Ngangingazi via sponsorship from Lumelang Batho Milling company. 

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