Gukurahundi memorial plaque vandalised

Suspected state agents allegedly vandalised a plaque erected at Bhalagwe Camp, Kezi yesterday, in honour of victims of the Gukurahundi genocide.

The plaque was erected by Ibhetshu likaZulu, on February 26 before it was destroyed two days later.

In an interview with CITE, the organisation`s secretary general Mbuso Fuzwayo said he received a phone call yesterday, informing him that the plaque had been destroyed.

The plaque was destroyed by suspected state agents

“We started constructing the plaque on 21 February but the job was incomplete and it was continued on 26 February. I was told there were police officers who were watching the whole process from the top of a nearby hill,” said Fuzwayo.

Bhalagwe was one of the notorious concentration camps used during the Gukurahundi era genocide where horrendous and despicable acts of murder and torture allegedly took place.

Fuzwayo said he will report the matter to the police and will erect another plaque.

“I do not know if there will be justice but we will lodge a report to the police and fundraise to build another plaque,” said Fuzwayo.

He pointed out that the pressure group decided on erecting the plaque since last year but there were hindrances along the way.

“We wanted to erect the plaque last year on the 25th of May, we informed the police and we were cleared by word of mouth. However, on the mentioned date we were unsuccessful as police stopped the process,” Said Fuzwayo.

“We then attempted to continue on the 5th of June but central intelligence officers came to the location and stopped us abruptly. We had already laid the foundation”.

Fuzwayo said the pressure group will turn the February 21 Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day into a day to commemorate Gukurahundi victims.

“We will not commemorate Robert Mugabe’s birthday as Youth day because of the negative actions which he has done,” said Fuzwayo.

“Young people must recognize that Mugabe also had negatives, his negatives outweigh the positives he did.”

He said the former president should apologise for Gukurahundi genocide.

Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) spokesperson Njabulo Ngwenya said the party will stand together with Ibhetshu likaZulu in remembering Gukurahundi victims on 21 February.

“We will not celebrate the birth of a killer but we will use this day to remember those who were killed during Gukurahundi,” said Ngwenya.

“Gukurahundi cannot be swept under the carpet, even if they destroy the plaque, we will build another one”.

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