Gukurahundi ‘divides’ Mat`land chiefs

Bubi Chief Mtshana Khumalo has denied allegations that he is pushing for the demotion of Ntabazinduna Chief Felix Nhlanhlayemangwe Khayisa Ndiweni over the latter`s stance on the Gukurahundi atrocities.

Chief Ndiweni and Filabusi Chief Vezi Maduna Mafu have since broken rank and called on the government to address the 1980s genocide.

The allegation was made by Nothiwani Dlodlo, who claimed that Chief Mtshana had written a letter to the local government minister July Moyo calling for the government to recall Chief Ndiweni.

“Chief Mtshana Khumalo of Bubi district has officially written a letter to the minister of local government instructing him to recall chief Khayisa chieftainship. The Secretary has refused to sign and has asked the ministry to follow due process,” he tweeted.

“Chief Mtshana Khumalo is pressurizing Provincial Chairman Chiefs Council Matebeleland South Chief Masendu to write the letter to recall Chief Maduna chieftainship for taking president Mnangagwa to task over Gukurahundi genocide”

In an interview with CITE, Chief Mtshane rebuffed the allegations noting that he did not have the authority to demand such action from the minister.

“I did not write any letter to the Ministry,” denied Chief Mtshana.

‘Let the letter be on the public domain for everyone to see it”.

Chief Mtshana added that “Chieftainship is a family issue” and no one had the power to recall a chief.

“Ndiweni is my neighbour why would I ever think of doing such. I heard that they had a family wrangle but l am not interested and involved in that”.

However, according to section 7(5) of the Traditional Leaders Act, a minister can recommend for the unseating of a traditional chief to the president.

“Where any person(chief) who has been suspended in terms of subsection (1) is convicted of an offence, or is found guilty of misconduct, as the case may be, the Minister may, if in his opinion it is in the public interest to do so, with effect from such date as he may determine— (a) recommend to the President that the chief be removed from office with effect from that date irrespective of the penalty imposed upon him;

“or (b) caution and reprimand him, or (c) order a reduction of his salary and additionally, or alternatively, allowances; or (d) both caution and reprimand him and order a reduction of his salary and additionally, or alternatively, allowances”.

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