Govt struggling to service residential stands for MPs

The government is struggling to service residential stands promised to both Senators and National Assembly members, with some legislators having since passed on, while the tenure of the ninth Parliament is slowly coming to an end, before they could benefit from the scheme.

Local Government Minister, July Moyo, told the Senate recently, they were having challenges in having stands serviced for the lawmakers.

He was responding to questions from MDC Alliance senator, Violet Moeketsi on when the government would fulfil its promise on their accommodation.

“At what stage are you now regarding the promise that you made to the Hon. Members of this august House after raising the concern that we do not have accommodation and you promised that you are going to allocate us stands?” asked Moeketsi.

“Some people are passing on because of Covid-19. We might not continue being in the House but it is important that we secure accommodation for the sake of our children.”

In his response, Moyo highlighted the challenges they face in trying to fulfil their promise

“I came to this Chamber together with the Speaker of Parliament,” said Moyo.

“We spoke at length that for sure it is important that we fulfil what we promised in this august House even at government level that Hon. Members of Parliament are given stands so that they construct their own houses. We agreed on where to allocate such stands here in Harare.”

LocAl government minisTer july moyo

He explained further: “So I went and discovered that this area is more of a bush so, for them to construct there, we have government laws which say that we cannot just allocate people stands in bushes without any development like sewer, roads or any servicing. We agreed that as Parliament, together with the Minister of Finance, that the Minister of Finance should allocate money for infrastructure development.”

He however said those who were allocated stands in serviced areas had already started constructing their houses during the previous Parliament.

“So, in this current Parliament, we also agreed that let us look at different areas in Bulawayo, Mutare and other cities,” he said.

“So, our local authorities no longer have land. We need to look for land and we agreed to carry out an exercise to ascertain whether there is land. We had another exercise with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Lands to determine whether there is land in different towns in Zimbabwe so that we fulfil these promises.”

He added: “The land is available but the challenge is infrastructure development, the servicing of such land, so that when you are allocated a stand, you can get title deeds as required by the law. That can be done if there is service in those stands.”

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