Govt depts waste a lot of water: Byo councillors

Bulawayo Councilors have accused government departments in the city of wasting water at a time when the city is under a strict 144-hour water-shedding programme.  

Residents in the city are currently enduring a six-day weekly water shedding as Council is battling to supply adequate water amid depleting water levels at the remaining three supply dams, Insiza, Inyankini, and Mtshabezi. 

Speaking during a full council meeting, Wednesday, Ward 10 Councillor Sinikiwe Mutanda said she saw officers Entumbane Police Camp watering their gardens using tap water at a time when water levels in dams have drastically dropped.

Ward 10 Councillor Sinikiwe Mutanda

She further advised the committee that is responsible to look into the issue and ensure that government institutions preserve water because what government engineers presented as the water situation is not what is on the ground.

Ward 10 Councillor Sinikiwe Mutanda

Ward 29 Councillor Alderman Monica Lubimbi said government premises such as prisons do not pay their water bills but use a lot of water and councillors are scared to approach them.

Ward 29 Councillor Alderman Monica Lubimbi

The government in May brought in two independent engineers to assess the water situation in the city and the proposal by the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to declare the water situation a national disaster was brushed aside as they contended that the city has enough water to last up to 14 months.

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