Government introduces livestock development levy.

The government has with immediate effect introduced the Livestock Development Levy. The new levy will affect businesses involved in the production of day-old chicks, the buying of raw milk and the slaughtering of beef cattle. The levy was introduced through Statutory Instrument 129 of 2017.

Reads part of SI129 of 2017: “Every person engaged in the business of — (a) producing chicks; or (b) buying raw milk; or (c) slaughtering cattle; shall pay a Livestock Development Levy. . . . the levy shall be — payable to the Agricultural Marketing Fund no later than seven days of the month following the month in which — (i) the chicks were produced; (ii) the cattle were slaughtered; (iii) the milk bought . . . ”

According to the levy, the affected businesses will pay  $0.01 (1 cent) per chick for producers of day-old chicks, $0.01 (1 cent) per litre for buyers of raw milk, $10.00 of the value of a fifth quarter per animal slaughtered (sic)

The money is supposed to be paid to the Agricultural Marketing Fund within 7 days of the following month in which the chicks were produced or the cattle were slaughtered or the milk was bought. Failure to pay the levy could result in a sentence not exceeding 6 months in prison.

The levy will be used to promote surveillance, prevention, and control of animal diseases, for promotion of research on appropriate technologies in livestock production and animal health, for transparent grading and classification of livestock and livestock products, for orderly marketing of livestock and also as an investment in veterinary infrastructure and sustainable animal husbandry practices.

Source: Herald


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