Fuel attendant kidnapped, robbed of US$400

A female attendant at a ZUVA garage in Romney Park, Bulawayo was kidnapped on Thursday evening by armed robbers, who later dumped her at an unidentified area in Saucerstown suburb after stealing all of her daily earnings. 

Police have confirmed the incident and are investigating the robbery case. 

The robbery was the talk of the morning, among residents from Romney Park, Tegela, and Queens Park suburbs.

According to police, the suspects are six male adults who were driving a Silver RAV4 vehicle and pretended to be customers looking for fuel. 

“On December 15, 2022, around 1810 hours, six accused persons arrived at Zuva garage in Romney Park, Bulawayo, driving a Rav4 pretending to be buying fuel. One of the accused persons who was wearing a khaki Chino trousers, brown pointed shoes and a brown khaki scotched shirt came out of the vehicle, approached the fuel attendant, gave her US$100 and asked for fuel worth US$20,” said Acting Bulawayo Provincial Police Spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele. 

After pouring fuel into their car, the suspects pretended to have forgotten their US$80 change and turned on the ignition. 

Asst. Insp. Msebele said the suspects drove just a few metres away from the pump and only stopped when the female attendant called out to them to stop and collect their change. 

“The complainant followed them to their car and one of the accused persons opened the door, pulled her into the car and drove off towards Joshua Mqabuko International Airport,” she said. 

“Whilst in the car, one of the accused persons produced a knife, forced the complainant to face downwards and searched her. They took away cash amounting to US$400 from the complainant’s trousers pocket which she had obtained from the daily sales.” 

The female attendant was then abandoned by the robbers in Sauerstown area, and she sought assistance from vendors in locating the nearest police station, where she filed a report. 

“As police in Bulawayo, we warn the business community to avoid moving carrying large sums of money. Employees must also avoid being in possession of large sums of money even during working hours as they risk being robbed,” Asst. Insp. Msebele warned. 

The police are asking anyone with information on these suspects to come forward. 

“We also appeal to members of the public with information that may lead to the arrest of the accused persons to contact any nearest police station,” said the Assistant Inspector. 

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