Fraud suspect tests negative for COVID-19

A fraud suspect who was detained at Bulawayo Central Police and later transferred to Thorngrove Infectious Diseases Hospital after exhibiting coronavirus symptoms has tested negative for COVID-19.

The man who had recently returned from South Africa and was wanted by police for fraud charges caused pandemonium at the Bulawayo Central Police Station on Monday when he started coughing uncontrollably in the holding cells.

Police reportedly isolated him in one of the holding cells away from other inmates and called the Rapid Response Team that took him to Thorngrove Hospital Tuesday evening, where he is still admitted.

In an interview with CITE, City of Bulawayo Assistant Director of Health Services, Dr Khulamuzi Nyathi, confirmed the man had tested negative for COVID-19.

“The man at Thorngrove Hospital has a negative PCR Covid-19 test, he is the one from Central Police Station,” he said.

Dr Nyathi noted that the results meant his illness was due to other causes.

“This also means, the man will proceed and have treatment as an ordinary patient. When he is better, yes he will be discharged,” said the city health official.

In Zimbabwe, nine people have been infected with the pandemic and one person has died.

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