FLEX clinic celebrates third anniversary

Full Life Expectancy (FLEX) Clinic, a private healthcare facility in Bulawayo’s Lobengula suburb on Saturday celebrated its third anniversary.

Dr Mbongeni Ndlovu, the founder of health the facility, said the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about many challenges for them but they have become more reselient and prepared.

“We opened this clinic in 2018, and like any other business, we were hugely affected by Covid-19. We learnt a lot of lessons from the experience. Although some of us got infected along the way, we are grateful that none succumbed to it,” he said.

“Covid-19 has taught us how we can expand and how we can better take care of our patients as well as protect ourselves during the process. It was quite a difficult time which shot up operational costs as we had to maximise on PPE. Working during Covid-19 has been difficult as some patients could not move due to the restrictions. Some would come when symptoms were already at an advanced stage but somehow we managed to deal with the situation.”

Dr Ndlovu said the deterioration of the health sector is a cause for concern which requires both public and private facilities to offer quality services at all times.

“Bulawayo City Council has been trying to offer the best services they can despite the economic challenges. The same applies to the government. However, due to the shortcomings of the public health sectors, some people opt for private services but honestly, nobody is spared of the economic hardships.”

Guest of Honor at the event, Dr Ntokozo Ndlovu, an Oncologist, commended the facility for offering quality services to the people. 

“A healthy nation is a wealthy nation, that is why it is important to provide quality health services. The health of the people where you come from will always come first for any health practitioner despite which part of the world you work from,” she said. 

“This institution has also always upheld the fear of God. Zimbabwe is one of the few countries that actually allows doctors to pray for their patients (with their consent). Some countries do not allow such.”

Alderman Phinias Ndlovu of Ward 14 who also attended the ceremony applauded the work being done at the health center. 

He called on residents to show gratitude for the amount of effort being put by the professionals at the center and to support them in the best way possible. 


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