Financially-strapped family in Byo seeks help for talented daughter’s university education

A 22-year-old woman from Ntabazinduna Flats, Barbourfields Suburb in Bulawayo is seeking financial support in order to continue her education and register at a Zimbabwean university to study law or social work. 

Zandile Ncube, an academically gifted student, received 12 points during her Advanced Level (A level) studies at Mzilikazi High School in Bulawayo but did not continue her studies due to financial constraints.

Her plight was brought to light by a concerned church member, who has requested community assistance on Zandile’s behalf.

“As her parents , we are failing to take Zandile to university because we are employed as security guards. Zandile’s other sibling works as a general hand at a local hospital yet she also passed six subjects and wants to go to school but we can’t afford the fees as we are struggling to make ends meet,” said Ncube. 

The mother stated they were now focusing on raising finances for Zandile because she had done well in her A Levels and they desired to see her continue her studies.

“We don’t have money to educate our children but our wish is for them to go further with their studies that is why we need Zandile to proceed further with her studies,” Ncube explained, adding that their daughter was also doing odd jobs to help pay for her younger siblings’ school tuition.

“We are appealing for assistance so that Zandile can go to university and better herself. At the moment she is doing piece jobs here and there. From the money she earns, she assists her young sibling who is writing exams.” 

Zandile noted that while she had not been able to obtain scholarships, her desire of studying law or social work remained alive. 

“My wish is to enroll at any university in Zimbabwe. I am currently on a contract as a sales person in a local shop. I don’t make enough to save a substantial amount of money to pay fees for myself as the salary I earn can only buy toiletries and other small items,” she said in the interview.

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