Family monthly basket shoots to $40 000

A Zimbabwean consumer needs almost ZWL$7 000 to stay about the poverty datum line (PDL), the latest report by Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) shows.

According to ZIMSTAT, the Total Consumption Poverty Line stood at ZWL$6 653.65 in September 2021, which represents the total income needed for an individual (with all their income added together) as a minimum for them not to be classified as poor.

Using this analysis, a family of six will need ZWL$39 924 to meet their daily expenses.

In addition, ZIMSTAT noted that prices of goods continue rising, as the total consumption poverty line for August 2021 was ZWL$6 350.29 per person, showing an increase of 4.8 percent.

Also according to ZIMSTAT, the Food Poverty Line for one person, which represents the amount of money that an individual will require to afford the minimum required daily energy intake of 2 100 calories, was ZWL$4 734.

ZIMSTAT noted that the total consumption poverty line, which is naturally higher than the food poverty line, was derived using 2017 PICES data and using the lower bound poverty line method.

The food poverty line as at September 2021 stood at ZWL$4 734.33, meaning the minimum needs per person for a food basket cost that much.

This figure represents an increase of 4.8 percent over the August 2021 figure of ZWL$4 516.52

According to ZIMSTAT, the poverty datum lines vary by province as prices vary from place to place.

“The differences are explained by differences in average prices in the provinces. The quantities of commodities consumed at base year in the minimum needs basket, which is consistent with the preferences of the poor individuals and households in Zimbabwe are fixed. The variations in the value of the basket are explained by changes in average prices,” said the agency.

“ZIMSTAT produces the official Poverty Datum Lines, which are not comparable to cost of living indicators produced by other players in the market.”

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