Ex-Mukuru employee breaks into shop, steals US$19K and R39 000

By Promise Dube

A former Mukuru employee, Tinotenda Zephania Gunde, faces charges of theft of US$19,536 and R39,430, and Samsung cellphones from a Mukuru branch in Filabusi.

Gunde, who had left his position the previous week, allegedly collaborated with three others in the crime.

The theft was discovered on December 14, 2023 when an employee of Talen Vision, where the Mukuru outlet is located, arrived at the shop to find the back door open and the door leading to Mukuru’s safe room open.

The shop employee then alert the manager at Mukuru, who discovered that the safe had been opened and money stolen, with only US$2000 remaining.

The theft was reported to police and investigations led to Gunde’s arrest.

 Gunde voluntarily led the police to DDF Training Centre camp in Gwanda, where he had stashed the money and only US$500 and R1 600 was recovered as well as a Samsung galaxy A13 cellphone.

He appeared at the Filabusi Magistrate Court before Sukoluhle Belinda Nunu on December 16,  2023 where he sought to apply for bail but his application was dismissed and he was remanded in custody to December 29, 2023 for a possible trial in Filabusi.

In the state’s case, the prosecutor,  Naledi Muleya said Gunde unlawfully entered the premises and stole cash and other valuables.

“On the 13th day of December 2023 and at Talenvision shop Filabusi, Tinotenda Zephania Gunde unlawfully, intentionally and without permission from Talen Vision shop represented by Silani Tshuma,the lawful occupier of the premises concerned or without other lawful authority, entered into Talen Vision shop by breaking a burglar bar to gain entry , contrary to the provisions of the said Act,” she said.

Muleya said Gunde took advantage of the absence of people at the shop premises because the complainant had knocked off and secured the premises using a burglar bar and padlocks.

“On the 13th of December at around 17:00 hours Nkosana Sibanda a Mukuru Send Money Home Teller knocked off duty and balanced cash amounting to US$1 8586 and  R3 9430 which he secured in a safe as well as three cellphones, a Samsung Galaxy A13, Samsung Galaxy A02 as well as a Lenovo M10 tablet. The cash was in US$100, US$20, US$10, US$5 and US$1 notes denominations,” she said

“On the same day and during night the accused took advantage of the knowledge of the premises as well as the knowledge of the secret codes used to open the safe and proceeded to Talen Vision shop as outlined in count one and gained entry,”said Muleya.

“Upon gaining entry the accused went straight to the victim’s safe and broke the door and entered ,”Muleya said.

“Accused opened the safe using the secret code and took cash amounting to $1 8586 and R3 9430 and three cellphones. On 14 December 2023, the victim, an employee of Talen Vision arrived at the shop to commence work and found the back door as well as a complaint’s safe room door open, she called the complainant who were to check and discovered that their safe had been opened upon exiting the scene. The recovered cash amounted to $2000.00,” said Muleya.

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