EU parly calls for more sanctions on Zim

The European Union Parliament has called for more restrictive measures against the Zanu PF government following the recent killing of civilians during the latest government crackdown.

In a resolution passed on Wednesday, the European Parliament called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa “to remain true to his inaugural promises, to move rapidly to take control of the situation and to put Zimbabwe back on a path of reconciliation and respect for democracy and the rule of law”

They also implored the government to “undertake a prompt, thorough, impartial and independent investigation into allegations of human rights violations and abuses, including rape and sexual violence by security forces” and called on those responsible to be brought to justice.

President Mnangagwa has gone on record disputing the widely held views that the soldiers were responsible for the death of 17 people who were shot dead in the January 14 mass protests and challenged anyone with evidence to bring it forward.

In 2002, the European Union imposed ‘smart’ sanctions on President Robert Mugabe`s government.

The sanctions targeted key members of Mugabe`s government as well as some key government institutions.

Similarly, the European Parliament has called for more restrictive measures on President Mnangagwa`s government.

“The European Parliament calls on the European Council to review its restrictive measures against individuals and entities in Zimbabwe, including those measures currently suspended, in the light of accountability for recent state violence”.

They also implored President Mnangagwa to withdraw security forces which were deployed to quell the violent mass protests and to “impartially investigate all allegations of excessive use of force by police and state officials in order to establish individual responsibilities, with a view to ensuring accountability”.

The legislative body also warned that it will withdraw any future financial assistance to Zimbabwe if the government does not improve its human rights record and implement necessary reforms.

The European Parliament also pressed on Mnangagwa to implement the recommendations of the Motlanthe led commission of inquiry “in particular the promotion of political tolerance and accountable leadership, and the setting up of a national dialogue conducted in a credible, inclusive, transparent and accountable way”.

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