Esigodini man arrested after explosion seriously injures mother

A 73-year-old Esigodini woman is battling for her life in hospital after her son allegedly detonated an explosive device in her bedroom during an altercation, a court heard.

Danisa Dube (48) has since appeared in court facing an attempted murder charge.

CITE established that Dube is a brother to Baron Dube, a gold dealer who was convicted for murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison in connection with the death of Prince Antony Bvundura in September 2018.

He was later released on bail pending appeal against his conviction and sentence by the Supreme Court.

The court heard that the incident occurred in the wee hours of Friday at their home in Habane, Esigodini.

Magistrate Linda Menelisi remanded Danisa in custody to February 14, 2022.

State representative Vhusani Moyo told the court that on a fateful night, Dube had an argument over an undisclosed matter with his mother and it escalated leading to the incident.

Moyo said Dube was seen by his neighbour throwing stones and shouting at his mother and later an explosion was heard.

“On 03/02/2022 at house number 173 Habane, Esigodini, the accused person came home late and started shouting at his mother Alice Maphosa aged 73 years of house number 173 Habane, Esigodini who was sleeping in her bedroom,” said Moyo.

“The accused also threw stones at the main house door. As that was not enough, the accused person inserted a capped fuse on his mother’s bedroom window whilst she was inside. He then ignited the fuse and it exploded, injuring Alice Maphosa on the left hand and upper body.”

Moyo said a piece of exploded capped fuse was recovered in the accused bedroom.

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