Emakhandeni residents want suspected drug dealer evicted

By Sibusiso Ncube 

Emakhandeni residents in Bulawayo are demanding the eviction of a man who is one of the victims of a violent robbery spree at the weekend, on allegations that he is peddling drugs.

More than 10 armed men in the wee hours of Sunday raided three houses in the suburb and robbed residents of cash and valuables.

They went away with at least US$600, R350, mobile phones and other valuables.

The gang that was armed with machetes, axes and catapults, ambushed three houses accommodating individuals that various wares destroying windows, doors and also attacked neighbours who wanted to help the targeted houses.

In a turn of events, Emakhandeni Residents Association called an urgent meeting on Sunday afternoon with the eviction of one of the victims topping the agenda.

The victim only identified as Jones, who is said to be a drug dealer had property at his lodgings destroyed by the robbers in a bid to gain access into his house.

One of the speakers at the meeting demanded that he be evicted from the suburb because his alleged drug dealings were inviting thieves in the neighbourhood.

“The people who attacked him knew exactly what he was up to, they knew he has large sums of money from his drug dealings. I won’t be surprised to learn that the thugs are the ones that frequent his house for drugs and it could have been an act of revenge from a rival crew disguised as a robbery.

As the residents we suggest that he (Jones) may be evicted, our neighbourhood has become unsafe and dangerous. His house is always frequented by many people; we need to protect our children from such behaviours. We have tried to report him to the police but nothing ever materialises and we usually see police officers visiting his lodgings so it is obvious he is corruptly protected,” he said.

The owner of the house was summoned to the meeting and she confessed that her tenant is in the business of illegally selling drugs.

She revealed that she had given him the notice to vacate her premises on three occasions. She appealed to the residents to assist her to evict him at the end of the month.

However, Jones who is said to be out of town did not attend the meeting.

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