EFF pledges buses to transport Zimbabweans back home to vote

One of South Africa’s opposition leaders, Julius Malema, has urged Zimbabweans in that country to return home and vote, pledging that his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party is ready to hire buses to transport them to Zimbabwe so they can vote for the government of their choice.

Malema told the media on Thursday at the party’s 10th-anniversary celebration at Uncle Tom’s Community Centre in Soweto that it was time for Zimbabweans to take responsibility by voting, as the elections next month represent a significant opportunity for people to select leaders of their own choosing.  

“The EFF wishes the people of Zimbabwe well in the upcoming national elections which will happen on August 23, 2023. The elections mark a critical opportunity for the people of Zimbabwe to elect a government of their choice to uplift the nation of poverty that today defines what was once known as the breadbasket of Africa,” said the opposition leader.

Malema emphasised the importance of voting and urged “Zimbabweans to go home, vote, and stop blaming other people for their own misfortunes, for which they have solutions.”

“A government of their choice will restore peace and prosperity in that beautiful country. If they need help to go back home, they must approach the EFF offices. We will be more than happy to rent buses for them to go home and vote,” pledged Malema.

South Africa’s opposition leader also urged Zanu PF to refrain from using its machinery to conduct violence against other political actors and civilians, instead build a culture of tolerance.

“We call upon the incumbent Zanu PF to desist from the urge to practice violence against its political opponents and from any form of intimidation on citizens to coerce their vote,” he said. 

“Zimbabwe needs to enter an era of political tolerance that is not defined by the history of violence and suppression but the possibility of peace, prosperity and continental unity.”

Malema continuously urged Zimbabweans based in South Africa to heed the call to vote, emphasising that they were in charge of their future as no one would assist them improve their country.  

“We call on all Zimbabweans who are here in South Africa to go back home and vote, even if it means coming back, they can come back. They are more than welcome but they must do the right thing and go and vote!” stressed the EFF leader.

“No one is going to fight for these Zimbabweans who are loitering the streets here, they are their own liberators. For once they must take responsibility and get into buses and go home and vote.” 

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