Early Christmas for Robert Sinyoka woman who lost house to whirlwind

Thirty nine year old Nothando Mlalazi of Robert Sinyoka on the outskirts of Bulawayo received an early present of a new two roomed furnished house, after she lost hers to a whirlwind early this year.

The gift, probably the biggest she has received in her life, was made possible by Hope for a Child in Christ (HOCIC), in partnership with Latter Day Saints together, ward 17 community and various corporates. 

In April, a strong wind destroyed Mlalazi`s house forcing her and her family to move into a shack. 

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Her husband later abandoned her and her situation took a toll on her already compromised health, which saw her being admitted in hospital for sometime. 

However, she was smiling on Friday, when she was handed keys to her new house. 

In accepting the gift, she thanked the donors and the community for coming to her rescue. 

HOCIC Program Officer, Kudzai Mpofu said Mlalazi was already a beneficiary under their urban food assistance and livelihoods program when the incident happened.

“So, during the course of the program, thus when we got to know that her house was destroyed by a whirlwind as it was reported through the leadership responsible for the ward,” said Mpofu.

“An assessment was then conducted and we went to our donor representative to ask how we can assist since our funds are meant for feeding not building, our donor then encouraged us to go around and ask for donations in different companies such as Turnal asbestos, McDonald Bricks, Halsteds, PPC. These companies really came on board and donated different building materials”.

“Fortunately we were also given the go ahead to use some of the remaining funds from the feeding program, thus when we started buying, asking those on site what they need for the house to be built, initially it was a community initiative, we were there but not hands on until we were encouraged to do it as if we were doing it for Jesus , then we started furnishing the house buying the bed, wardrobe , table and the cupboard is still to be put”.

“We thought since Mlalazi looks like she has a condition it will be difficult for her to be cleaning the floor, we ended up deciding to put tiles on the floor,” she said. 

Ward 17 Councillor Sikhululekile Moyo expressed gratitude to everyone who chipped in to the project. 

“We did this project together as a community. As a community we had thought to build a one room house but HOCIC came and assisted us,” she said.

“We would like to express our appreciation to our partner HOCIC and urge them to continue assisting those in need in different communities. They have assisted 706 families in Robert Sinyoka in their food program and drilled boreholes around the community,” said Cllr Moyo.

Pumula Constituency MP Sichelesile Mahlangu also thanked the community and the various organisations for the kind assistance. 

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