Duo arrested for Nkulumane murder

Police in Bulawayo have arrested two men who allegedly ganged up and fatally hit a man in Nkulumane suburb in September.

Bulawayo Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube, said Sydney Siyamwi (23) and Recent Mukatawa (26) allegedly assaulted one, Sabelo Gumbo, with bricks until he fell unconscious.

Insp. Ncube said Gumbo was ferried to Mpilo Central Hospital, where he was admitted until he succumbed to injuries on September 30, 2021.

“On September 23, 2021 at around 7PM, Gumbo and his colleagues were coming from work. Mukatawa and Siyamwi started insulting Gumbo and his colleagues about their workplace. The two groups started exchanging words and the argument turned into assaults,” he said.

“The two accused persons picked up bricks and assaulted the now deceased Gumbo who fell and became unconscious. They then hit Gumbo’s colleague with a brick on the forehead, bit him on the left shoulder and he sustained injuries on both areas.”

Insp. Ncube said the pair picked another brick and hit Gumbo’s other colleague on the left side of his head. The colleague fell down sustaining a cut and swelling on the head.”

A report was made at Nkulumane Police Station and police attended the scene leading to the arrest of the accused persons.

“Gumbo died at Mpilo Hospital where he was in the Intensive Care Unit,” said Insp. Ncube.

Meanwhile, a teenager from Makokoba was arrested for stealing car batteries and selling them.

The juvenile (16) whose name has been withheld for ethical reasons, was seen by police on September 24 selling two car batteries with his accomplice who is still at large.

Insp Ncube stated police who were on patrol spotted the two teenagers selling batteries and when they approached them, they fled leaving their loot behind.

Police then launched a manhunt on October 11, 2021, for the teenage boys and upon arrest one of them admitted to committing the offences.

“The teenager took the police officers to Makokoba and Barbourfields where they had sold six other batteries,” Insp. Ncube said.

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