Drug abuse rife in byo, residents call for rehab centres

THERE is need for the establishment of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Bulawayo due to abuse of these substances especially among young people.

CITE conducted a survey in some of the high density suburbs which revealed that due mostly to unemployment most young people resorted to alcohol and drug abuse.

The youth spoke to CITE indicated that alcohol consumption and drug use has become part of their lives.

“I started using Marijuana when I was in form two with my friends at Msitheli High because I hated school, ” narrated one young man who only identified himself as Mbongeni.

“We used to smoke during break and that gave me and my friends confidence to bunk classes.”

“I’m still staying with my mother and I used to steal her money to buy drugs before I started hustling with my friends,”said Mbongeni.

For a 24-year-old Decent it was peer pressure that got him involved in drugs.

“I failed my O’ Level in 2011 and it was difficult for me to find a job and then my friend introduced me to his gang members who introduced me to drugs, ” said Decent.

“These guys taught me how to steal from the local shops and before we do it we smoke a lot of weed  (marijuana) to boost our confidence.”

A survey by Active Youth Zimbabwe indicated that Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in Bulawayo, especially in high-density suburbs.

“A total of 83,4% of youth and residents do admit that there is need to establish a drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in Bulawayo,” the survey revealed.

Meanwhile a former drug addict Michael told CITE that, before he quitted drugs he was trouble to his mother

“I stole her money to buy bronco and weed, when I was high I would get into fights and sometimes chase young girls because at that time I did not care about their age, “said Michael.

“I decided to quit after I was arrested for theft”.

An informal vendor from Mpopoma said the media should do a lot to educate young people on the dangers of alcohol and and drug abuse.

“Its like a fashionable thing to do among these youths because sometimes you find them boasting to each other about it.” Said Rumbidzai Chiremba , a local vendor.

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