Double interment open for other relationships: BCC

Siblings who wish to be buried in the same grave at cemeteries managed by the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) are permitted, the latest council report has noted.

Double interment is common with couples but BCC Director of Health Services, Dr Edwin Sibanda said the facility is open to any other relationship.

“The Director of Health Services explained that double intermation was open for any other relationship. Spouses were encouraged to consider them because there was less conflict,” read the latest health, housing and education committee report.

“On an ordinary grave double intermation was allowed after a period of 10 years and above. Residents could now book a grave for double intermation. The graves’ depth was more than the normal grave to allow for the second intermation to take place in a period less than 10 years.”

Dr Sibanda also noted that residents also had an option to do reburials from one cemetery to the other.

“The remaining empty grave was not returned to Council. The families were allowed to use it for future burials.”

Meanwhile, councillors raised concern that mourners were not adhering to Covid-19 regulations at cemeteries.

Only 30 people are allowed to attend a burial at council cemeteries.

“Councillor S.Moyo noted that most funeral parlours had allowed mourners to be more than 30 but less than 100 that attended burials at local cemeteries. The 30 number of mourners attending burials should be enforced,” read the report.

“The Deputy Mayor (Councillor Mlandu Ncube) encouraged Councillors to engage residents’ leadership during funerals and burials to strictly adhere to Covid 19 regulations.”

Cllr Ncube also implored the council to employ more personnel at cemeteries as the current staff was being overwhelmed.

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