Diarrhoea-stricken Tshabalala residents demand clean water

Tshabalala extension residents have implored the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to ensure that it supplies residents with clean water which is safe for human consumption.

This follows an outbreak of diarrhoea in the suburb that has affected at least 157 residents.

A CITE news crew visited the suburb yesterday with residents saying the drinking water could have been contaminated by a burst sewer pipe.

“I had a running stomach for two days and I mostly relied on sugar and salt solution. Barely a day after my recovery my husband fell sick too. Followed by my grandson. It has been an unpleasant experience. My grandson is writing his end of year exams and his teacher asked that we at least accompany him and wait as he writes his exam just in case his situation gets out of hand,” she said.

“Yesterday some neighbours came here advising that my husband should go to the clinic for treatment but what is the use seeing that the clinics are incapacitated. Besides those who have gone there said they were given paracetamol and sachets for SSS. What the council doesn’t realise is that people are genuinely sick and going to the clinic to spend time in long queues with limited to no access to ablution facilities is an inconvenience.”

Another resident, Nyasha Makoni said she returned from Mpilo where she had gone to deliver her baby to find her family sick with diarrhoea.

“My daughter and my uncle were not feeling well. We implore the council to ensure that they supply us with clean water,” she said.

Bulawayo City Town Clerk Christopher Dube on Wednesday issued a statement notifying residents of the latest diarrhoea outbreak.

This is the fourth outbreak since last year with the worst outbreak claiming 13 lives and affecting over 2000 Luveve residents.

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