Developing: Thieves break into Ekusileni Medical Centre

Thieves broke into Ekusileni Medical Centre on Monday night and reportedly stole a compressor and borehole switch.

Investigations are now underway to establish exactly what was stolen and how the thieves gained access inside the hospital.

The break comes in after a multi-stakeholder initiative – #Iam4ByoFighting COVID-19 – began mobilising material, financial, and human resources towards capacitating Ekusileni into a treatment centre against the pandemic.

Ekusileni hospital, with a 200-bed capacity, was identified as a national referral centre for COVID-19 treatment but is yet to open.

In an interview with CITE, the initiative’s chairperson, industrialist – Busisa Moyo confirmed the break-in at Ekusileni Hospital but was awaiting a full report.

“I don’t have more information as I am waiting for full a report on the matter,” he said.

Moyo referred the publication to Ekusileni Chief Executive Officer, Dr Absalom Dube, who is in charge of the hospital. Dr Dube said he was also waiting for the police report to establish what had been stolen.

“I went there to the site and the police were still investigating with the security. By end of day I might have the report on what was taken and other information,” he said.

Posting on his Twitter platform, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Ndavaningi Mangwana, said the thieves stole “a compressor and components of a borehole switch. They cut a fence at the rear of the facility to gain entry. Surely who (does) that?”

Ekusileni medical centre, a brainchild of late Vice-President Dr Joshua Nkomo, has experienced a number of false starts and numerous efforts to re-open the institution have so far failed.

Businesses operating under the auspices of the Matabeleland Chamber of Industries in conjunction with individuals and companies in the health sector and churches are mobilising the resources for – #Iam4Byo Fighting COVID-19.

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