‘Demon possessed’ cop brutally stabs two minor children

An enraged police officer allegedly ran amok and stabbed his two minor sons leaving them hospitalised with critical injuries, a local court heard.

Daniel Arutura (42) who is deployed at Transtech Southern Region pounced on and attacked his wife and two children aged 10 and 6 at their home in Pumula South on Sunday.

He allegedly arrived at the house armed with a kitchen knife and a rope and ordered everyone to get into the house.

Arutura’s wife reportedly sensed danger from her husband’s demeanor and fled to her neighbour’s house leaving her two sons behind.

The cop was arraigned before Western Commonage magistrate Stephen Ndlovu facing two counts of attempted murder.

He pleaded guilty to the offence citing that he was possessed by evil spirits when he committed the crime.

Magistrate Ndlovu remanded the police officer in custody to December 10.

State representative Keneth Shava told the court that the children sustained severe injuries following the attack.

“On November 24, Arutura arrived at the house with an intention to kill his wife and then commit suicide. He was armed with a kitchen knife and a rope. He ordered everyone to get into the house but the wife defied and fled to seek refuge from her neighbour,” said Shava.

“Arutura pursued his sons who were seated in the bedroom. He stabbed the six-year-old one several times on the chest and stabbed the ten-year-old one twice under the armpit and once on the waist.”

Shava said both children were rushed to United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) where they are currently receiving medical attention and their medical reports can be produced in court as evidence.

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