Demand for water bowsers escalates

The demand for water bowsers in the city of Bulawayo has significantly increased during the lockdown period owing to more residents staying at home as well as prolonged water shedding schedules.

The councillors noted that in some areas, water being delivered by bowsers is not enough for all the residents and at some instances, residents divert the water vehicles from their intended destinations.

According to the latest council minutes, Ward 29 councillor, Alderman Monica Lubimbi raised concern about water bowsers being diverted from official points in Magwegwe West.

She said some residents are in the habit of diverting bowsers to water gardens leaving the majority of residents without water.

Alderman Norman Hlabano urged fellow councillors should liaise with their residents and create committees which would be responsible for identifying viable points for water delivery and collection.

Ward 9 Councillor  Donaldson Mabuto, noted that bowser drivers have no right to be diverted by anyone on the ground but are mandated to adhere to their supervisor’s instructions.

Council Chamber Secretary, Skhangele Zhou, advised that it is the responsibility of councillors and residents to bring order at water collection points and bowser deliveries.

“Residents should organise themselves with the help of the area Councillor to form community teams to manage the deliveries. Drivers are obliged to follow instructions and deliver water to assigned destinations,” Zhou said.

According to the minutes, BCC received assistance through donations of two water bowsers from Neddicky Industries (Pvt) Ltd and Jodi Investments (Pvt) Ltd.

“District Development Fund (DDF) had promised to donate four water bowsers starting in June 2020. PMU was also currently finalising the contract for the hire of water bowers from private contractors on an “as and when” required basis to augment the Council fleet,” read the minutes.

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