Dabengwa Foundation boss skips the country

The director of the Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation, Mthulisi Hanana has reportedly skipped the country to South Africa amid fears of his personal security after it emerged that suspected security agents were tailing him.

Hanana made headlines during a packed memorial service for his late boss and national hero Dumiso Dabengwa, at White City stadium a fortnight ago when he lambasted government officials for mistreating Dabengwa and state security organs for their role in the killings of innocent civilians dating back to Gukurahundi.

“Fare thee, well baba. Go to the other side and speak of our misery. Tell Tongogara and Mujuru that the army now assists in political transitions and now shoots at civilians,” Hanana said in his moving tribute to Dabengwa.

Senior government officials including Commander Defence Forces General Philip Valerio Sibanda, prisons boss commissioner general Paradzai Zimondi sat stone-faced, as Hanana went for the jagular. 

Last week, Hanana posted on his social media platforms that suspicious individuals were following him around and some had mounted surveillance at his house.

Fearing for his life, he reportedly moved to a safe house before opting to leave the country.

In an interview with CITE, Hanana claimed that when he made inquiries with some government officials and members of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) on why they were watching him, they alleged it was members of the military intelligence.

“I can’t divulge these sources but I asked a senior official in government and also challenged the CIO that even if it were them would they admit they were following me. I did not receive a satisfactory answer to that.

“You would also understand that the late Dabengwa had some people within the system who he still knew, unfortunately I cannot name them but they informed me too and I also understand the Matabeleland Collective also reached within their contacts who also suggested it could be military intelligence, which is why I am being cautious and not hiding,” he said.

The director noted before he left the country he also received a phone call from someone who impersonated a journalist yet their line of questioning was not consistent with what journalism entails.

“I received this call just two days ago. The summary of the conversation is that the army was cleared of wrongdoing from the August killings. That I was undermining government peace efforts via the National Peace Reconciliation Commission but emphasising government failure instead of bringing out what they did for Dabengwa.

“Lastly they said I was inciting masses through the use of inflammatory statements urging people to rise up and be counted. I realised late I could not be speaking to a journalist and when I insisted to know which media house they represented and their name, they hung up,” Hanana claimed.

Meanwhile, a Dabengwa benefit concert was held Sunday to raise funds for the foundation.

Hanana said the foundation was yet to compile a report on the financial indications but the agreement was it would receive money from the show’s gate takings and pledges.

He added that they were concerned at the presence of state agents at the event.

“We know state agents such as those from law and order or members of the intelligence are not paid to have fun. They were there as some people were able to identify them.

“It is worrying because we as the foundation have not received official communication from them that they are looking for us. We are not politicians but staff working for the foundation. It is sad that even after death, Dabengwa’s legacy is victimised,” Hanana said.

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