Councillors in bed with management, service delivery deteriorating: Fayayo

Service delivery in Bulawayo has deteriorated owing to failure by the city fathers to hold the council management accountable for its shortcomings, an expert in service delivery issues has stated.

Roderick Fayayo, former director at Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA), made these remarks during the CITE Breakfast Show, Thursday.

Fayayo noted that councillors of late are more inclined to perpertuating council management interests, completely discarding their oversight role to ensure residents get adequate services.

He alleged that as soon as they (councillors) receive stands from council, they cease to serve their purpose as resident representatives and instead strengthen a bond with council management.

Fayayo said this is worsened by the fact that the local government is constantly interfering in local authority service delivery business.

Fayayo explained that another factor affecting service delivery is the fact that local government has to approve council budget which sometimes takes a long time.

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